The Washerwoman

Monday 5 January 2009

Funky 50's dress fabric designs

Recently some really interesting dresses have come my way. They all have a common theme, but I know very little about the makers. The above print has a definite "map and compass" theme. There is no makers label, and it appears to have been made by hand.

Another hand made item is this wonderful skirt depicting a wild night at the theatre, don't you just love the way the figure in the background is leaping through the air!

This demure dress has a fabulous street market scene going around the lower part of the skirt. The label on this garment reads "Vicky Johnson, London".

and last, but not least - my favourite with the Ballerina design. There is a very positive influence of the artist Edgar Degas in this print.
The label reads "Karin Lee by Hellas". You can just see one of the characters in "Mad Men" wearing this one! (Do check out Mad Men on Youtube if you like your TV viewing to be set in the 1950's and distinctly off-beat).
We got Season one on DVD for Christmas and have been glued to it most evenings...


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! They are amazing!! Your lucky to come across such beauties!!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Lucy xx

Redwoodhouse said...

what funky things what a find, I will one day be slim enough to wear such things, (I may be dreaming a little here!!!)hope your fairs go well this year.

BusyLizzie said...

I know, aren't they just fab.. wish one of them would fit me! Never mind the New years healthy eating & exercise campaign starts here! (just after i have finished the sherry & choccies)
lizzie xx

Rose&Bird said...

How unusual and striking those are! Good luck with the fairs