The Washerwoman

Monday 30 July 2012

Three in a Row!

The British summer has been particularly challenging this year, and anyone who has planned an outdoor event will certainly agree that this Summer has been the worst in living memory!

After our busy day in Frome at The Vintage Bazaar, we bravely set off the next morning under threatening skies to a Country House in North Devon. After unloading and wrestling with a gazebo (kindly lent by the organisers) we were ready for business and I had a few moments to spare to take some photos of the stalls.

I am glad I took the opportunity as once the fair opened it was non-stop all day, and the rain held off and the sun came out. The guy selling ice creams next to us sold out and went home happy.

The next event organised by the lovely Country House team will be on September 23rd in Dunster, sadly we are unable to make that date as we are in Hampshire the day before at The Vintage Bazaar at Hartley Wintney. However, we are able to make it to Arlington Court on Sunday 4th November and South Molton on the 8th and 9th of December.

Next stop was another event with a Country House backdrop, this time in Somerset. Talent for Textiles choose some pretty locations for their events and this was no exception!
This time we had to take our own gazebo, and so bravely set up (once again under ominous skies)

The stand looked good, and after a wander around the gardens, we started a jolly morning of selling. Smiling and enthusiastic customers swarmed around the stall and made complimentary comments about our textiles and other French fripperies.

Sadly, luck was not our side this time and the heavens opened just after lunch. We sheltered for an hour under the inadequate gazebo, desperately trying to protect fabric covered boxes and other delicate items from the downpour, it was not a pretty sight!

The forecast had said there was a chance of showers, but the non-stop deluge did not look as if it was going away, so we had to pack up the soggy mess in order to drive to Sussex for our next fair...

After a night in a motel, we were up early again and ready to set up at The Village Vintage Fair in Cuckfield.

Fortunately our stand was in the marquee, so the woefully inadequate gazebo was not required.
Here is a view of the VAST marquee during setting up time.

Once again, I had time to drift around the stands, do a little shopping (came home with that large rosey box!) The weather was threatening and there were heavy showers throughout the day, this did not dampen any spirits nor did it put off the crowds of customers!

There were some fab stands inside the marquee and outside. I met some lovely people, many of which greeted me with the words “Are you the Washerwoman?” - Please check out this great blog which combines thought-provoking and thrifty ideas. Above is part of Nice day at Rosies pretty stand.

After another day of trading, it was time to pack up la Camionette Bleue and head for home. Fortunately the next day, we woke up to the rare sight of sunshine. This was the scene in our garden, everything put out to dry for the whole day. Most of the stock survived the soaking, with only a few casualties which was nothing short of a miracle.

Next stop Homespun fair in Portscatho, where we will be inside the hall... so expect a heatwave!

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Milestones Vintage Fair

 Now is the time to catch up with sharing a few of the many super fairs I have attended over the past few weeks. Sunday the 24th of June was another early start in order to drive to Basingstoke for the Vintage event at Milestones Museum. I knew a little about the museum, but just couldn't image what it would be like inside the enormous hanger where it is housed. Above is the view that greeted us.. the entrance foyer looks over the rooftops of what appears to be a small town!

 What bliss to set up the stand in the "street" with no fear of wind or rain....... Sally had placed us outside the Hardware shop. I cannot think why she thought we would be in the perfect place!!

 Sorry if some of the photos are a little gloomy, it was lit in an authentic way which really made for a great atmosphere.

 Trade was brisk throughout the morning. This glamorous customer agreed to have her photograph taken whilst trying on my hats.....

 Above is the view towards the Victorian and Edwardian area, below is the other end of the museum.. 1930's land!

 There was plenty going on all day, these guys singing barbershop were fantastic. There was music and dancing throughout the day.

This is one of the exhibits which always causes a laugh. In a small courtyard area there is a door which you can open... to reveal this chap!!!

 These gals were constantly changing their look through the day......

Lastly, my favourite shop! If you get the chance to visit the museum it is great fun, and there are lots of informative features suitable for young and old!

Thursday 19 July 2012

Fame at last!

Thank you to The Vintage Bothy for first informing me of this! What an amazing surprise to be listed in "The 50 Best Blogs" in BBC Homes and Antiques magazine. I was away selling at a Vintage fair when the August copy arrived, so had no idea that I had been featured! I have been incredibly busy "on the road" in La Camionette bleue.

I plan to share our adventures on the road in the next few weeks!