The Washerwoman

Sunday 25 January 2009

So, what is this all about then?

Here they are, let me introduce you to the annual "torture boots"..... We just got home from a lovely holiday in Austria, but on that first day in the basement boot room you really do wonder why on earth you are cramming your poor feet into these glamorous things....... and then to attach them to long pieces of fibre glass in order to hurtle down icy slopes at ridiculous speed..... why?

it has to be worth it for the view from the top.......

..or stopping at a charming mountain restaurant for a delicious cup of hot chocolate......( isn't that a wonderful shade of green on those shutters).

.. in order to ski further to enjoy more views......these trees were absolutely amazing....

Then back at the hotel one can admire the fantastic old painted furniture (how I would have liked to have smuggled this one home!)

Another fab view on another day. I do have dozens more piccies from the holiday, but I won't bore you all too much. We met some really lovely people, and some not so great ones (throwing furniture out of your hotel room at midnight is NOT the way to behave on holiday) ... there was also a ski instructor with an attitude problem. I endured 3 days of ski school with him, then played hooky for the rest of the week!
It is good to get away, but coming home is wonderful.... apart from the amount of washing that you have to face!


Mary Dodd Fine Arts said...

I'm so envious!! I am GAGGING to go skiing! We're trying to organise it at the moment - credit crunch permitting..... Where in Austria did you go?

Steve has offered us a long w/e at his place but that is a perhaps not a defo. I want to get something definite booked in. Watch this space!

BusyLizzie said...

Hiya! We went to Hinterglemm.. lovely but a tad expensive!
lizzie xxx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Liz

Glad you had such a good time. See you tomorrow.

Sue x

Niki Fretwell said...

Hi Liz,
The scenery is stunning - glad that you enjoyed your time in the torture boots!
I'm sure you could have fitted that beautiful painted cupboard in your suitcase if you'd really tried!!

Hope you had a successful day today.
Speak soon,
Niki x