The Washerwoman

Sunday 28 August 2011

Happy 3rd Blog-day!

 After a manic day at the Shepton Flea market, I returned home to the fact that unbelievably today is my blogs 3rd Birthday!

 So here, hurriedly cobbled together are a few washing-line related images to mark the occasion!

 A HUGE Thank You to all my lovely followers and customers who visit my stand at the various fairs up and down the country.

The final picture is very tongue in cheek, but it made me smile! (Don't try it Mr Mangle!)

Monday 22 August 2011

When in Portscatho.....

Yesterday morning Mr W and I set off at an ungodly hour to drive to Cornwall. Our destination was the Memorial Hall at Portscatho on the stunning Roseland Peninsula.

 We had been invited to take part in The Homespun Fair organised by Jane, Gertie and Christine. Once we had set up the stand it was time to take a few photos of the other stands (many apologies to those whose stands I have not included, the camera was being a tad temperamental!) No doubt Sal will have some extra piccies on her blog.

 There was a definite "sea side" theme to several stands in the hall ...

 Also lots of colourful beautiful stands stacked high with delectable goodies.... which were soon pounced upon and purchased as soon as the doors opened. To be honest, I was lightly overwhelmed by the throng of smiling, friendly shoppers. So, apologies to anyone who may have thought I was rather vague at times. The 4 'o clock alarm call does really odd things to your head, and remembering familiar faces and names can be something of a challenge!

After lunch the mad rush calmed down and I was able to walk down to admire the sea, the view and the shop!

 I have waited a long time to visit this little gem. The Sea Garden is just beautiful and every surface is crammed with gorgeous-ness!

Thank you girls for inviting us to share your day, we had a lovely time. (Oh and I forgot to mention the cakes.. which were sublime..) Keep an eye here for news of the next event in Portscatho!

Saturday 20 August 2011

French for fun!

This set of Vintage French playing cards have been mine for several years. I haven't worked out the rules of the game, but is described on the back of each card as "French for Fun".

They have however been very useful in improving my vocabulary, especially useful for buying vintage costume in France!

The other thing I love about these cards are the charming illustrations......

Don't you just love those slippers?

Having just returned from the Antique and Collector's Fair at Newark - just wanted to share a photo of our stand which had a VERY French flavour this time, in fact I overheard one customer saying "that it was just like a French Flea market in there"! Luckily I didn't need my parapluie for very long as the sun shone for most of the 2 days. The fair at Newark is a huge event and full of a very eclectic mix of stalls. The next fair is on Thursday and Friday the 6th and 7th of October. well worth a visit, so do come and say Hello, we have everything from buttons, lace, linens, costume, painted furniture, mirrors and much more!

Friday 12 August 2011

Holiday Time continued......

 Still catching up with everything after being away! Have had a look at my pictures from the 2nd stage of our hols and see that most of the images are similar to this......

 ..and involving quite a lot of this....

Despite being on holiday it is inevitable that I will come home with lots and lots of this......!

 Nearly all these items will be coming with me to the Fair at Newark next week. I will be in my usual spot, The "Textiles Tent" inbetween the Lady Eastwood Building and the George Stephenson. Click on the link for opening times for the event which takes place on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th August.

PS and if that wasn't enough excitement for the week, Clare and I have organised an exciting new event for Summer 2012. Click here for details!

Thursday 11 August 2011

Holiday Time!

 Many apologies for the lack of postings, comments and general visits to Blogland recently. I have been on my hols and instead of the usual trip to La Belle France, we did a rather exciting detour and went via Ireland!

I haven't been over to Ireland since 1993, so was a little apprehensive of the changes that may have occurred to one of my favourite places....

Yes, there has been a lot of building and a beautiful old cottage in the cove had been demolished... but the views were still breathtaking and the air was clean.

A "shop" had also sprung up in the lane (above) not exactly Tescos is it?!!

The hedgerows were full of flowers and I spotted this unusual white Hydrangea in the church yard.

The streets are still lined with painted cottages..... and boats...

We had lunch at this gorgeous place... Fish and chips, followed by the best sticky toffee pudding I have ever tasted!

After lunch we attempted to walk off the calories up the hill.... the church to look at these fantastic stained glass windows by Harry Clarke. My photographs haven't done them full justice, but I can assure you that the colours were breathtaking.

..and the faces, especially the eyes were especially compelling. Do google Harry Clarke for more amazing images of his work.

The next morning, we were sad leave Ireland and board a very large ferry for the next stage of our holiday. We had a fab "sea view" from our cabin! Part 2 of our adventures to follow...................