The Washerwoman

Saturday 23 July 2011

Costume for Sport and other Activities......

I have recently aquired a small quantity of fashion booklets and magazines. I have had a lot of fun looking through them all. My favourite chapters have been those dedicated to costume worn for various sports.

Anyone for tennis? The first 3 photos are taken from The Gallery of English Costume, published in 1963. The model is wearing a tennis dress from 1883, the 2nd photo showing the detail of her belt and raquet cover.

 Next is a tennis dress from 1896-1900, followed by this knitted ensemble from The Needlewoman magazine of June 1934.

Still a little way to go before we can see something that one might actually be able to run around a court in!

 This tennis dress dates from 1938 and is made from cream twilled wool, and it is possible that one could win a game or two as long as it wasn't a very hot day.

This is one of my faves, a Croquet dress from 1860-65, can you imagine trying to play even something as gentile as croquet in this?

Cycling dress 1897-1902... rather groovy for the time...

 Another fab design from The Needlewoman - 1924. A knitted dress for Boating, not a pretty vision if you got it wet!

I could rattle on for hours sharing these, but have left my fave until last. "Gardening may be done in several ways. You may, clad in linen overall, labourisly pick up weeds, strenuously mow the lawn or ruthlessly dig up daisy roots.." it goes on to say that The knitted flower coatee is ideal for gentle gardening.. "let your efforts in the garden not be too strenuous". An impossibility in this outfit! I will be bringing these booklets along with a selection of Vintage clothing, Textiles, trimmings and Linens to The 60th Talent for Textiles Event in Bath on Thursday the 1st of September at The American Museum. BA2 7BD. The Fair opens at 10 and ends at 5pm. Do contact me or Elizabeth Baer if you would like an invitation to this unique event. The ticket also allows entry into the museum and exhibition of Marilyn Monroe dresses. After that I will be busy selling at both Antique and Vintage fairs, see sidebar for details.

Sunday 17 July 2011

From a Vintage Nursery.

 I have a real love for Vintage Children's clothing, Textiles and of course toys! (see my other blog if interested in old toys!)

Recently these beauties came into my possession. A collection of hand embroidered items that must have graced a child's bedroom or nursery at some point in time...

I love the simplicity of this one.

 A pair of ubiquitous Dutch children. A motif that was used a lot in the past. These 2 are stitched onto little draw string bags just big enough for a toothbrush or facecloth.

 I am guessing these date from just before the 2nd World War. These absolutely gorgeous  kitties form part of a pyjama case which has the words "Good Night" embroidered on it. I have enjoyed these for a few weeks, but sadly I cannot keep everything that comes my way. They will be accompanying me to Ardingly Antique and Collectors Fair on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday the 20th. Might see you there!

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Latest french Finds.

  I have just returned from an amazing sunny weekend in France where the Vides and Brocante were plentiful.

The French car boot sales are not unlike the English ones in that there are acres and acres of plastic toys and a huge quantity of baby clothes.....

 BUT.. for the determined bargain hunter there are treasures to be found alongside "Pour les garcons 0-3 mois"

 I will be bringing most of the items shown to The Giant Flea market at Shepton Mallet on Sunday July 17th. My stand is inside the main hall up on the balcony. It is then onwards to Ardingly Antiques Fair on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday the 20th of July... usual pitch in the furniture marquee with Rosie and Maud near the food stands!

  ..... and the larger items will be in place at the Dairy House in Dorset this coming Friday!

 Other purchases include cockle baskets, linen sheets, buttons, hat stands, tea towels, flags, Pernod carafe, cafe trays, cake plates, funky garden chairs and much more. It has certainly been a busy few days!