The Washerwoman

Saturday 30 January 2010

Heartfelt - the official opening!

Just wanted to share a few more photos from this gorgeous new shop...
Today was the launch party with pink champagne & delicious cupcakes...
The live models in the window were a great idea, don't you think?
I know, it is about time I renamed my blog.. The Heartfelt blog!

As promised in the previous post.. chandeliers  and mirrors from France...

and saucy Victorian boots.....

Thursday 21 January 2010

Nostalgia at number 1 opens for business!

Today I made a special journey....

I drove to Shepton Mallet in Somerset to wish Niki all the luck in the world in her new venture.......

Here are some of the delights that awaited me in the shop.

Each surface and shelf was brimming with vintage treasures...
From pretty china to sumptuous eiderdowns....

Pictures, mirrors, frames, vintage dresses, shoes, shoe stretchers, baskets, padded coathangers.. and so much more. Niki and Dave have obviously worked extremely hard, and it really does show. It has all come together beautifully. Jolly 30's music added to the atmosphere, and meeting a fellow blogger, Isabelle was an added bonus on a misty Thursday morning in Somerset!

If you are in the area do make a visit, and if you are not in the area, it is worth a journey!

Tuesday 19 January 2010

100 followers, Thank you to all of you!

I realised today that I have 100 followers of the rural ramblings. A Big thank you to all 100 of you and many apologies if I haven't always replied to your comments, or even worse.. not visited your blogs in return. Life is sometimes so busy and impossible to catch up. Anyway, a BIG Thank you. xxxxx

PS one of the ladies in the photo is my mum, can anyone guess which one???

Saturday 16 January 2010

She's a model (and she's looking good)

She's a model and she's looking good
I'd like to take her home that's understood
She plays hard to get, she smiles from time to time
It only takes a camera to change her mind

She's going out to night-clubs drinking just champagne
And she has been checking nearly all the men
She's playing her game and you can hear them say
She's looking good for beauty we will pay

She's posing for consumer products now and then
For every camera she gives the best she can
I saw her on the cover of a magazine
Now she's a big success I want to meet her again


Had to share this lady who I bought today. Somehow the Kraftwerk lyrics fit, don't you think?

Friday 8 January 2010

Vintage knitwear, I love it!

I have always loved vintage knitwear, and in the past couple of years I have been fortunate enough to find somebody to make certain items to compliment the range of vintage winter clothing that I sell ....

A lovely lady makes the fingerless mittens.

Then I discovered a lady who makes vintage style scarves. She used to own a wool shop - so uses "old stock" to make these beauties for charity.

The berets are knitted by another lady who lives locally, she uses an old 40's pattern & makes a variety of styles. A percentage of the money for these goes to the British Red Cross.

All I need now is somebody to knit some jumpers, I have a huge stash of vintage patterns to work from.

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Listen the snow is falling...............

Listen the snow is falling, I have always been intrigued by these lyrics.

 I woke up several times in the night to see if it was snowing.

This morning I was not disappointed! It has been hard to take decent photos, but you get the general idea!

Being snowed in and having time on my hands I decided to look up the lyrics.

Listen, the snow is falling over town
Listen, the snow is falling everywhere
Between the Empire State building
and between Trafalgar Square

Listen, the snow is falling over town

Listen, the snow is falling over town
Listen, the snow is falling everywhere
Between your bed and mine
Between your head and mine

Listen the snow is falling over town

Between Tokyo and Paris
Between London and Dallas
Between your God and mine
Listen, the snow is falling everywhere

Snow, dream
Snow, fly

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

This morning the sun is shining and the scene is breathtaking, unfortunately still unable to get the car out of the drive & the lane is lethal with compacted ice.

Saturday 2 January 2010

Expanding the Empire at The Dairy House

It certainly has been a very busy few days. Last Wednesday we embarked on the project of expanding our space at the Dairy House.
First job was to start painting as Sue and I wanted to creat a cohesive space on the top floor, and that pink wall had to go!

It is a large space with a high ceiling, so boy was employed to climb the scaffolding tower...... He worked so hard all day, and amazingly we had the whole place painted in time to collapse in a heap on New Years Eve.

Now the fun part, moving in new stock and creating a fresh new look.

It is taking on a style of its own, and I think the lamps add a cosy atmosphere.

There is still the "Lads corner" with flags, ladders, garden furniture, picture frames so you can take the "other half" there knowing he will be occupied while you browse through the textiles and treasures.......