The Washerwoman

Monday 24 February 2014

The suitcase. A 1940's time capsule.

Last year I was fortunate enough to purchase this rare collection of 1940's children's clothes and shoes......

Having been packed away in a suitcase for almost 70 years, the shoes are lovingly polished to a conker-like shine.

Scuffed sandles, some with holes where the toes poked through.... It is poignant to imagine who the case of clothing belonged to, perhaps an evacuee sent away from the bombings in WW 2?

Bertie, my vintage mannequin models some of the garments.

Many items in the suitcase have the CC41 Utility labels which are found on clothing issued in the the war.

A tiny pair of leather gloves would have kept a child's hands warm and dry during a bitter Winter.

There is something charming about old clothing labels?

Knitwear has been darned..button holes repaired.

This tweed pinny has been made from an adults garment. Make and mend was a way of life in the war years. In contrast to the much-worn shoes, several hats are in pristine condition. Obviously much hated and never worn!

The little shoes are my favourite items.

 Here are details of the charming embroidery on the dressing gowns and the beautiful smocking on the dresses.

There are even sets of reins, complete with a small bell!

I will be taking a selection of Vintage Childrens' costume to The Vintage Bazaar in Devizes on Saturday 8th March. Doors open at 9.30. Admission £2 for adults.