The Washerwoman

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Honiton Textiles, Vintage Clothing and Decorative Fair

Flossie is modelling a few of the items I will be taking to the Textile and Vintage clothing Fair in Honiton on Tuesday the 8th of February. I have a selection of vintage knitwear from the 1940's and 50's. As well as vintage knitting patterns from 50 p each.

Click here for more details about the fair.

 Theses are mint condition CC41 teatowels. Flossie is modelling a CC41 floral pinny with a 40's hand-knitted cardigan and her felt "make do and mend" corsage.

 As well as textiles and costume I will be taking along some vintage magazines, baskets, buttons, textiles and ephemera.

Thursday 20 January 2011

New at the Dairy House this week

 As well as preparing for the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair this weekend, we have also been over to restock and tidy at the Dairy House. If anyone is travelling to the fair via the A303 they can easily take a small detour to visit the Dairy House, where they will find lots of beautiful Antiques as well as quirky decorative items......

 Here are a few photos of our stall yesterday, the afternoon sun was pouring in which did make photography a little bit challenging!

We have these funky metal chairs which can be purchased as a set or as required.

Yes, the washstand is for sale, although I think Sue will curse me if she has to find a place to put everything on it!!!!

Monday 17 January 2011

Thank you to my 200 followers!

Amazing to think I have 200 followers now. Thank you to you all, have a Happy Monday!

Thursday 13 January 2011

Ardingly Antiques and Collectors Fair

 This week I managed to get to the Ardingly Antiques Fair to sell on my stand. It really was a case of "Third time lucky" as in previous years my attempts to get there in January were thwarted by the weather and other disasters.
Despite the miserable grey and windy weather the customers came and were enthusiastic on the first day...
Rosie and I had similar ideas about the theme of our stands despite the inclement conditions. I had 40's beach shoes, shell necklaces and a 50's beach bag decorated with painted shells, while Rosie had this beautiful oil painting from France on her stall.

 Maud, however had a different approach to selling. She allowed her customers to delve headfirst into her van of sumptuous textiles! The weather was so windy and unpleasant that neither she or Rosie actually unpacked all the stock from their vans. They had also both got seriously stuck in the thick mud even before it was daylight.

I am afraid to say that after one day of  trying to trade in these conditions, we all decided to pack up at the end of the first day. The buffeting wind was threatening to blow the marquee away, and none of us were confident about leaving the stock there overnight and risking a second day of driving rain and more wind. BIG APOLOGIES to any of our customers who braved the elements to visit the  fair on the 2nd day..... we will return to Ardingly on Tuesday March 1st and Wednesday the 2nd hoping for kinder weather!

Sunday 9 January 2011

A slice of Interior Decoration History

Some time ago I bought this folder at a Flea Market. Inside I was delighted to find these beautiful images of interiors. The artist is Watson Charlton, there is very little information about him. I would guess these images date from the 1920's or 30's.

On each page there are close up views of the textiles to be used to create such an interior. Sadly some of the pages are damaged by water so that the colours are not as crisp as they may be.

This one (above) is described as "Bradstowe" - Hollyhock Cretonne 3/6 per yard from Messrs Skinner and Son . 46 High Street, Broadstairs.

The Oak Dining Room has curtains made from "Egmont Taffeta" at 3/11 per yard from Messrs. Williamson and Cole, 26 High Street, Clapham, London.

Probably my favourite, this green bedroom . "The coolness of the green makes this a delightful room on the sunniest day, and the gay rose colour is bright at all times". The fabric used is Green Stripe Cretonne at 2/6 per yard from Waring and Gillow in Oxford Street, London.

Sadly the picture of this bedroom has got a lot of water damage, but I felt I had to include it as it so typical of the period between the wars.

"A Vieux Rose Bedroom" using "Old Bleach Linen, an ideal material for hangings and bedspread. Its softness makes such graceful folds that the simplest curtains look charming."

Above is "Tulip" Cretonne 2/6 per yard. It is used on the sofa and curtains in The Flower Room. (below) I love the description that accompany it. "Flower paintings, beside being a delight to the eye, can  be immensely important items in the furnishing of a room"

An English Room.

 This quintessentially English room is so evocative of the 1930's don't you think?
The fabric (below) is " Autumn Garland" Cretonne 2/11 per yard

"This Cottage Style room (below) will make many a housewife whisper: That is just the cheerful type of colour scheme our room wants" 

Lastly it is suggested that "Checks" are used for the kitchen. The curtains are made from "Sunregina Loom cotton and the paintwork is painted orange yellow, while the walls and ceiling are enamelled a lighter hue".