The Washerwoman

Thursday 20 January 2011

New at the Dairy House this week

 As well as preparing for the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair this weekend, we have also been over to restock and tidy at the Dairy House. If anyone is travelling to the fair via the A303 they can easily take a small detour to visit the Dairy House, where they will find lots of beautiful Antiques as well as quirky decorative items......

 Here are a few photos of our stall yesterday, the afternoon sun was pouring in which did make photography a little bit challenging!

We have these funky metal chairs which can be purchased as a set or as required.

Yes, the washstand is for sale, although I think Sue will curse me if she has to find a place to put everything on it!!!!


Unknown said...

I'm just doing the VAT so am feeling abit grumpy, it's soooo dull, I got side tracked, and thought I'd have a quick look, your lovely pictures have cheered me up! Thanks x :-)

the upholstress said...

Hello mizzz lizzie, hope you have a good fair @ Shepton will try & get there but things manic at the moment & I 'm 50 next week so trying to arrange some sort of celebration (yes I can't believe I got this far) anyway I looking for some delectable 1950's floral fabric so if you do get any think of me me me ME!

Anonymous said...

the picture at the top is beautiful
xx fee

Vintage to Victorian said...

Does anyone else this the elegant lady in the top picture looks like Clare, Daisy Darling? Perhaps you can't tell from your screen, but that was the first thing I noticed when Lizzie brought it in to Dairy House!


BusyLizzie said...

I am not sure if Clare has seen this post, must ask her to take a look & see what she thinks! xx