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Monday 28 June 2010

Guess Who?

 Guess where I went yesterday? Who is my favourite all time artist?
a clue (care of Youtube)

 Had a fantastic day at Glastonbury, but have to confess that one day is certainly enough for me, that many people in one place makes for a tiring experience! This wasn't the first time that I had seen Stevie...Back in 1980 I saw him play in London at "The Hotter than July" concert, and of course being the ultimate hoarder, so was able to find the ticket & newspaper cutting from then.

Earlier in the day we enjoyed  The Bees perfect music for a Sunday afternoon, or in fact anytime. I have been listening to "Octopus" as I have been ironing, sewing and pricing for the past few weeks.
This guy was a much - awaited treat, Dr John, all the way from New Orleans (don't you just love those flowers on the front of the stage!)
Then, it was a fast walk around to the Pyramid Stage to see Ray Davis (of the Kinks fame). What I admire about these guys from the 60's is that they know how to engage the audience and really get everyone on their feet. Most of the audience were certainly not born in the 60's, so could have little or no knowledge of the music from that time.... but Ray had everyone in full voice for Lola, Waterloo Sunset and others. It was a brilliant gig, and the accompanying Crouch End Choir were awesome.

Next stop was The Acoustic tent for the Bluesband. As you can see they are somebody else I saw in the 80's! A mere 29 years ago.... Below is Paul Jones back in 1981, that guy must know the secret of eternal youth as he hardly looked any older. Apologies for rather rubbish photos, I am usually too immersed in the music to take more than a couple of shots!

Now, you can see there is a bit of trend going on here. Yet another favourite band that I used to see in London in the early 1980's. These are Toots and the Maytals who played regularly at the Venue in Victoria Street,  London.

But of course - the best had to wait until last. Stevie Wonder played a fantastic set. This man has created so much amazing music you would question how on earth he could pick out what to play? He did not disappoint, if you are a fan look on BBC i player or Youtube. I have already lost half of today watching favourite bits over and over again..... it really was a night to remember!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Wow, Lizzie!
It sounds like the most amazing day and what a treat to see all those performers! I've not seen Stevie W but I bet he was AMAZING....!!!!
My friend took her husband on a surprise trip to see Stevie W in London this weekend, for her hubby's 50th birthday present - I can't wait to hear how they got on.
Hope you are staying cool and in the shade today,
Happy days to you,
Denise x

The Little Vintage Company said...

Ah Glasto - I'm so jealous! Glad you had a great time! Maybe next year....
Tamzin X

BusyLizzie said...

thank you for your comments, it was a fab day.. but the toilet facilities lived up to their awful reputation!!!

The fabric of my life said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky :-)

My Realitty said...

Wow what a menu! Lucky you. I am particularly fond of Dr. John and his cajun ways. CM

ted and bunny said...

Dr. John- one of my all time favourites, I remember playing those albums over and over and....
how lovely to have a day so completely different to normal, but I agree with you being exhausted with so many people.
Oh well, back to normality now?

Sal said...

Wonderful stuff Lizzie!
Can't find your email address anywhere but wanted to you actually collect Ladybird books? Let me know if there is anything you fancy as they will all be for sale.

Diane said...

I had to laugh at my almost 18 year old. She has discovered a new "Fabulous" singer who played at Glastonbury - yes it was Stevie himself!! She was thrilled to find we already had the CD's and its all she's played since!!! How great that he has spanned so many decades and remains so "cool".

elegancemaison said...

On our way back from London via Newbury on Monday we passed many ex-Glastonbury hordes in cars and coaches going in the opposite direction. It was the first one my elder daughter has missed for years - but as she's in SA for the World Cup and a fantastic holiday - I don't really feel sorry for her!And what an secret groover you are Liz - Oo-er!