The Washerwoman

Sunday 6 December 2009

Home Sweet Home

The past week has been good as there is only one more fair on the horizon before Christmas.
This means there is time to catch up with a bit of sewing. Shown above is the "sewing chair" where I like to sit in natural daylight. The old wooden sewing box came from my grandmother and it lined with pretty 30's floral fabric, the Lloyd loom chair from a Car Boot sale & the cushion from The Fountain Antiques Centre in Honiton.

Next came some time to tidy, dust & clean the house......nice to see the kitchen worktops for a change!

Housework is not my favourite occupation, but it does mean that you can take time to look at my favourite bits & bobs in the home.
I bought this plaster head in Lewes in the 1980's so she is a real "old friend".

An eclectic selection of bits & bobs adorn the shelves.. and my family are always complaining "that I have too much stuff"....... Do I? Really?

Then came the opportunity to sort out my winter clothes, I am rather fond of blue/green jumpers as you can see!

This oil painting of a house & garden was a recent treat. It was destined for the Dairy House but somehow found its way onto my kitchen wall.

A little more dusting required..... my growing collection of lustre ware & cider mugs. I have spotted another one in a local Antiques shop that I might have to succumb to soon if somebody else doesn't buy it.

Sadly not a very good photo of my 1940's lady. I bought her at Shepton Mallet Antiques fair some years ago.

At this point you can see that my trusty camera is not taking the best piccies in the world. Despite help & advice from "technical support" (aka eldest son) it would appear it is beyond repair. This might be my last blog posting for a few weeks until I can buy another one.... grrrrr frustration!

Anyway, I struggled on & took a few more pics, including my Lloyd Loom sofa & screen. I bought the screen in Bath Antiques market about 18 yrs ago & still adore the chubby cherubs & over-blown roses. The sofa was a more recent find in an Antiques centre.

Some "Red Regatta" 1950's china, along with my french spotty butter dish....

We are expecting friends for supper, so a wonderful opportunity to get out the whole set.

and still going with the sailing theme, an interesting old 1930's black & white photo of Cowes regatta which came from an auction. You cannot see it, but there are some suitably dressed people on the boat, he is wearing a smart blazer & peaked hat, she is elegant in her print dress and sun visor.....

That's all folks! Back to the housework & a little more sorting.... I will have this house "ship shape" by Christmas!


Pomona said...

I love your little sewing corner - I have a Lloyd Loom chair like that, which originally came from my grandma's house, and I also have her cotton reel carousel, which was one of the last things she gave me - it is so lovely to have things like that so full of memories. I also love your sink unit - fantastic colour!

Pomona x

MelMel said...

What a fab post!
I love the chair and sofa, such a well put together house yet with a sense of individual

hens teeth said...

You have a very beautiful and interesting home Lizzie...oh if we were neighbours!

Purrfect Haven said...

What a wonderfully intimate tour of your gorgeous things and place... I felt I should have shown you a membership card first (like National Trust)! Helen, Darcy & Bingley

BusyLizzie said...

thank you for your kind comments, of course I haven't shown the messy bits or the boys bedrooms!!! Lizzie x

Callies Cottage said...

Your home is lovely!!Heres wishing you a very cosy Christmas all snuggled up with those you love!
Warm Wishes,
Cally X

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Lizzie, I think the light is poor at the moment, my pictures don't seem to come out as well as usual! I love the Lloyd Loom sofa, we have chairs dotted about in the house and garden, I have never seen a sofa, its lovely. I also love the(I think its 3rd along)30's cup with banded stripes & floral design. I may go around and do a little photography but definatly NO cleaning!!!

OhSoVintage said...

I loved the tour of your home and all your treasures. I have a couple of Lloyd Looms in the shed awaiting some TLC but I have never seen a sofa before. Too much stuff! Impossible!
Ruth x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely & cosy Lizzie! And you can never have "too much stuff"!

Enjoy your days of relaxation.....


The fabric of my life said...

Your house is looking lovely Lizzie but then I always love your house and it's little nooks and crannies filled with treasures.

I love your pile of jumpers. I am looking for a vintage fairisle cardi, size 10. Do you happen to have one?

Carlito86 said... do have a lot...but it's all so great, who can complain! xxx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Lizzie

I love the feel and look of your home!!! The area where you do your sewing looks very relaxed.
You don't have too much stuff, just lovely stuff!

I hope you had a good day in Shepton Mallet today. I couldn't make it again, so fustrating but out of my control...I am hoping 2010 will not have as many obstacles and mishaps as this one has.

Warm wishes
Isabelle x

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

TOTALLY drooling.........I LOVE it alllll! It so reminds me of my grandma's home....she was from Manchester and had this sweet, cozy vintage look too......I'm in love!

Warm Christmas blessings,