The Washerwoman

Monday 1 June 2009

Wonderful Wychwood!

Anyone who follows my blog (with the volume on) will know that I am pretty passionate about music, so it might come as no surprise that I was very keen to visit the wonderful festival that is held every year just outside Cheltenham....The sun shone, the atmosphere was brilliant... these guys (above) are the Shtetl Superstars, they play witty funky Jewish ska! (oh and they have a female vocal lead called Barbara..)

..... the above shows the original "Grumpy old man" aka Attila the Stockbroker in full rant.. very clever observations & witty poems. Loved him!

This is the Wonderful Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara.. a brilliant combination of driving blues guitar and African lyrics.. and an instrument that looked a bit like a cricket bat with one string. Bought the album, its fab!

But had to wait until after dark to enjoy the best, Johnny and the boys, the Dohl Foundation. We saw them play a few weeks ago and knew we had to see them again.
and they certainly didn't disappoint. They were wonderful from the first drum beat to the final number, and had everybody jumping and doing that Bhangra thing which involves a lot of energetic arm waving (have just tried to google it to get the correct name..) and failed!

It was a wonderful day and has certainly wet my appetite for the WOMAD festival which is next month.


The fabric of my life said...

Sounds wonderful Lizzie! I am off to Camp Bestival this year with the kids to stay in a yurt. It's the first festival I have stayed at since I had children, which as you know was 19 years ago!!!!!

BusyLizzie said...

oooh Donna, that sounds fab.. and I see Elbow are playing....
Lizzie x