The Washerwoman

Monday 7 May 2012

Open the Box!

Apologies for the short and sweet post this week. Life has been a little busy and I am experiencing the usual problem of not having enough hours in the day...or days in the week for that matter! Following the Vintage Fashion Auction in April I was left a little despondent. The sale didn't go as well as I had hoped and as a consequence there is to be no Vintage Fashion Auction in October... HOWEVER... there is going to be a Collectors Auction featuring Textiles and Costume on Tuesday July 17th at the Dreweatts saleroom in Bristol which you really do need to know about. I have been rummaging in dusty attics and finding some fantastic textiles and other treasures for the sale.

Many of the items have been hidden away for decades in lovely old cardboard shop boxes and between layers of old newspaper - shown here from 1945. As before I will be sharing some of the lots with you on the blog over the next 2 months.

 Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Farnham Maltings Vintage Festival. Mr W and I had to set off before it was light to make sure we could set up in time.... on the dot of 10 am the customers started to arrive... and they kept on coming all day. I have not seen crowds like this at a Vintage fair in quite a while, it was incredible!

I took quite a few photos of the stands, but my camera has jammed and will not let me get to them this morning. Instead here are a couple of pix from my phone. I love the way this stall holder has teamed retro ceramics with French goodies and Vintage Costume! It really was a fantastic day, so do make sure you make a note in your Vintage Diary for the next one in 2013.


Jill said...

I don't know how you do it, Farnham not exactly being on your doorstep, did you do Shepton on Sunday as well!! Look forward to seeing what you will be selling at auction and to seeing you in Kent, lets hope it is not too damp!!

Hen said...

We missed you at Shepton, Lizzie!
Hen x