The Washerwoman

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Two very Different Fairs!

 Firstly, I would like to thank all the great customers who came to the event  at the American Museum in Bath last week. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the perfect setting for an amazing Textile Fair organised by
Talent for Textiles. I was kept busy all day running a friend's stand and Mr Mangle ran my stand. Apologies to anybody who came to say Hello and missed me on my stand.

So, in complete contrast to the Bath Fair we yesterday braced ourselves for the Ardingly Fair. We knew the weather forecast was doubtful, but we are used to struggling with bad weather at fairs especially in the Winter (!) We began to set up and soon became apparent that the gusts of wind were likely to blow the marquee and our stock across the showground. The IACF staff were very helpful and made the marquee secure and laced up as many openings as they could. We struggled on throughout the morning, but by lunchtime we were totally exhausted from the sheer effort of keeping the stock on the tables and away from the drizzle which came into the stall. It is also incredibly wearing to listen to the constant rattling of the marquee. So, BIG apologies to anyone who came to the fair and found that we had packed up and gone. I had heard that today (Wednesday) would be better weather-wise, but by lunchtime yesterday most of my stock was damp and i couldn't see that it would have been a good idea to leave it in the creaking marquee overnight. I have some great photos of both the Bath Fair and the dripping mess at Ardingly... but I still haven't worked out how to get them from my phone to here! Technical support is coming home at the weekend, so I will be able to pick his young brains! In the meantime, here are a few images of truly beautiful mangle cloths. I will bringing a good selection of these to the Buttercross Fair in Somerton this Saturday. Lets hope for some decent weather.. please!


Niki Fretwell said...

Hi Lizzie, you deserve a medal for effort anyway...such a shame about the weather though...wish it had been a better for you.

Hope to see you again soon,
Niki x
Heehee...comment moderation is 'wineo'....who, me?!

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you Niki. One of my photos from Ardingly is the charming Frenchman who stalls out opposite us. In the midst of the noise, rain and general misery he is sitting down at a table in the middle of the marquee enjoying his lunch and a bottle of wine! Perhaps he should be the "wineo"? The gusts of wind were so strong it blew his food off the table once or twice! xx

Charlotte said...

Hi Lizzie,

We were at Ardingly - it was horrible! My husband and I ventured out from the barns to the marquees and got absolutely drenched! I tried to keep my eye out for you but the lashing rain made us decide to head home early!


Country Cottage Chic said...

The second fair sounds like a nightmare! I have had enough of this weather but it looks like we are in for even more. Niki is right - you deserve a medal!


The Hardy Quilters said...

It was a bit grim wasn't it. I am glad you got a photo of the 'lunch table' it was so bizarre I was lost for words!!!! Good for them x Linda and I made do with hot chocolate and Brie sandwiches!!!

BusyLizzie said...

Hi lizzie, hopefully I will be able to get the photo's off my phone this weekend, so I can share the vision that is Christian having his lunch! Glad you survived.... you deserve the medal!!! xxx

The fabric of my life said...

Ardingley sounds like a real endurance test, well done you for sticking out so long. Tomorrow will be fine, you will be indoors and all will be well. Wish I could be there x

Jill said...

Hi Lizzie
Hope you had a better day today.The weather is so frustrating, and Ardingly is exactly on your doorstep!!
See you soon