The Washerwoman

Friday 6 February 2009

Deep and crisp and (sometimes) even...

This is the view from my kitchen window at 6 am this morning, we woke up to an incredible amount of snow and no electricity! (This was NOT forecast, the official weather weather website said we would be having "light rain"......)

Time to light the woodburner & boil some water for a much needed cuppa...

Later, as it gets light the state of the lane becomes apparent, and all plans for the day are shelved (yet again).... The tracks you can see were made by tractors. A neighbour did attempt to drive along here in a normal vehicle... his abandoned car is just around the corner!

But as always I cannot resist wrapping up warm and stomping outside with the camera. The above view is the front garden. The weight of the snow has brought down a few branches.

The back garden, just love the way the bare branches of the apple tree are coated. All very pretty, but sadly it means we will not be selling at the Vintage fashion fair in Stroud tomorrow. In fact I have just heard that it has been cancelled.
As for the fair in Cardiff on Sunday, only time will tell......
There is also the small problem of food (and drink) supplies as I had intended to do a big shop today. It would appear we have a few random tins of this & that (what can you make with tinned tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and a melon!).... ah aha, whats this a whole bottle of port left over from Christmas... yummy!


Vintage to Victorian said...

More lovely piccies! Fine if you don't have to go out, I expect your neighbour wishes he/she hadn't ventured forth!

Shame about Stroud but possibly a relief. At least you needn't have a sleepless night wondering what the weather will be like tomorrow.

Sue x

Sal said...

No electricity ..that would really freak me out..!! ;-)
It all looks very pretty in your pics ;-)

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you for your comments, nice to have the electricity back!
Now to organise what we have to eat (and drink).... I had intended to do a big shop today! whoops....
Lizzie xx

Dolly said...

Hello everyone - yes its the same in Upottery, in fact I would say worse. Make some mulled wine with your port and melon, oh sorry I mean port and lemon. Hope it clears up for you so that you can get to Cardiff.
I am having an overblanket day as I am running out of gas and cannot risk that, icicles a foot long hanging from my thatch - ugh!!!!

Redwoodhouse said...

Lovely pictures it all looks so pretty such a shame it is so disruptive. I'm pleased I read your blog today and not tomorrow as I would have gone to Stroud for the fair.
Perhaps just as well I would have spent too much I'm sure.

BusyLizzie said...

Hi Jan
a great shame re Stroud. Hope you can make the next one. It would be good to meet you.

Lizzie x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Not intentionally!!!!!

I'm looking at word verifications again and the one for this is 'sopipoo'. Love it - sums up how you might be feeling about the dollshouse??!!!!!

elegancemaison said...

So there's a lot to be said for living in a city centre after all! So sorry about Stroud Vintage - had hoped to look through your new summer stock (LOL)! Have been in touch with David and Sandra and may join you in April. But will check your other Fair dates and maybe meet up before then at another venue. Hopefully you have real fires to keep you warm and not relying on gas/electricity. And candlelight is so romantic...though cold feet are not!All the best,Cx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I`m sorry to find out about your misfortunes!
I hope that all is well now!
Debbie Moss

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you for your comments, a great shame about Stroud, but will be there next time in April!
Woodburner is coping well & we have plenty of logs.. phew.
Have treated myself to something special to cheer myself up.. haven't I Sue!
Enjoy the weekend everyone.
Lizzie x

Lois said...

Hi Lizzie, I love your blog, the snow photos are really beautiful, we had quite a bit here, see my new blog. We were very lucky, we kept our electricity.

Take care and stay warm, Lois x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely photos! I was lucky that I had been shopping on Wednesday so was stocked up with food for our two snow days! Our snow is still standing & hasn't disappeared much as yet.

Hope you'll make it to Cirencester on Wednesday.