The Washerwoman

Wednesday 8 October 2008

Night at the Opera

Yesterday was a very special day in the Washerwoman's calendar. We went to London to see the English National Opera at The Coliseum. The performance was Cavalleria rusticana & Paglliacci. I am the first to admit that Opera is not really my type of music, but this was a special performance as I have spent a lot of time this year sourcing costume for them. The first performance was set in Sicily in the 1930's. The cast were dressed in rural costume, and we enjoyed spotting who was wearing the patched french jacket, darned checked shirt or the black wraparound apron that we had sourced in France this summer. It was a powerful love story and the pure sound of the singing and huge orchestra was spellbinding.
The second performance was a very unusual interpretation as it was set in the very early 70's in the North of England. The sets were fabulous and extremely true to that era. However, the great fun for us was seeing the brown jumpers, dowdy woollen coats & patterned flared trousers that we had hunted for in every charity shop in a 50 mile radius! It was a huge cast, so we had certainly had our work cut out.
Sadly (but understandably) photography was not allowed in the building, so all I have to show you is the exterior of the Theatre at the end of a magical evening.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Liz

How exciting to be able to see all your efforts finally on stage. I bet you had a super time.

I've just been offered some 50s costume. Not seen yet and nothing may come of it, but will pass on if you're interested.

Sue x

BusyLizzie said...

Thanks Sue, it was a very special evening. Always interested in costume from any era (except possibly the 80's!)Do let me know if the deal comes off.....

The fabric of my life said...

Oh what fun Lizzie. I remember you telling me about the costumes you had supplied. Glad you had a lovely time x

Clare and Mike said...

Hi Liz, what a great night out - all the more special for knowing you helped play a part in it! Clare x

Anonymous said...

Oh Lizzie... I didn't know anything about the 'Blind Lemon' event.. but I do now and I am so annoyed that I missed it. Not only did I miss out on it I now know officially that 'I'm square'.
Did enjoy the very busy flea at Shepton though, I needed cheering up after the week I've had, my BLOG explains!!
See you soon, take care.