The Washerwoman

Thursday 28 August 2008

At last we have the technology! With the assistance of my son Tim I have finally set up the long awaited (and much discussed) blog. The washerwoman idea started with a set of fun photographs taken by my great mate Mary (of As I buy and sell vintage clothing and textiles, a lot of my time is spent washing, ironing & mending old clothes.I am potty about the designs from the 1930's and 40's, and probably just as enthusiastic about the 1950's, 60's & 70's.... sorry Emma, I still cannot get excited about the 80's yet...

I sell vintage clothing regularly at the wonderful fairs organised by Edwin of but before the Autumn run begins I have the exciting Bath Vintage Fashion and Textiles fair on September 14th to prepare for. See for further details.

As well as buying & selling vintage clothes I also can be found selling at Antiques fairs where my stall can only be described as eclectic. Niki (of has said many a kind word about my displays & efforts!

As you can see, my enthusiasm expands to handknit items, vintage toys, bags, buckles, shoes, hats and a bit of old French enamelware for good measure!

At the moment I am keeping busy planning for the run of forthcoming fairs in the Autumn, the most exciting and original of course being the Handmade and Vintage fair on November 22nd being organised by Jayne and Michele

This looks to be a fantastic event, and it will be great fun meeting up with other bloggers and of course eating cake! Thank you to Jayne and Michele for inviting me to join in the fun!


The fabric of my life said...

Hooray!! 'bout bloody time as well woman ;-)

Looking forward to your future posts honey. Welcome to the world of blogging. I shall now add you to my list. See you next week? xxx

Niki Fretwell said...

Hi BusyLizzie!!!
'The Washerwoman' indeed!
Welcome to blogland!! Well done to you and Tim - I'm sure you will have lots of fun.

I'm looking forward to some of those dates in your hectic diary.....You know I am a fan of your style.

Thanks for the mention!
See you soon,
Niki xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Let me be the first to welcome you to the world of blogging! I'm so looking forward to meeting you at the fair!


Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Hi Lizzie..
How lovely to see you in Blogland!
Well done for taking that first step.. now you can really explore this amazing labyrinth of blogs.. I am sure it will bring many friends and surprises along the way for you!
I am v pleased to hear that you are at the Textile Fair in Bath.. I will definitely come and say hello as it is only five mins walk from home for me!
Have fun ..
Michele x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Liz, I'm so impressed. You see, it wasn't that difficult, was it!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday - assume you're booked in to the Flea.

And the V&H Fair should be fun. Wonder if they'll put us anywhere near one another ...

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Liz! It's about time you showed up here. So glad to see you too. I look forward to seeing from posts from you ( when you have the time between all that washing).

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Lizzie,welcome to this little world of blogging!love what I've seen so far and very much looking forward to seeing you and your wares at the VH Fair in November.Best Wishes from Annie x