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Saturday, 20 August 2011

French for fun!

This set of Vintage French playing cards have been mine for several years. I haven't worked out the rules of the game, but is described on the back of each card as "French for Fun".

They have however been very useful in improving my vocabulary, especially useful for buying vintage costume in France!

The other thing I love about these cards are the charming illustrations......

Don't you just love those slippers?

Having just returned from the Antique and Collector's Fair at Newark - just wanted to share a photo of our stand which had a VERY French flavour this time, in fact I overheard one customer saying "that it was just like a French Flea market in there"! Luckily I didn't need my parapluie for very long as the sun shone for most of the 2 days. The fair at Newark is a huge event and full of a very eclectic mix of stalls. The next fair is on Thursday and Friday the 6th and 7th of October. well worth a visit, so do come and say Hello, we have everything from buttons, lace, linens, costume, painted furniture, mirrors and much more!


Rebecca said...

Fascinating! It looks a bit like a version of Happy Families, perhaps? completing sets of clothing? are there any other sets, like m'habiller (f) maybe?

marigold jam said...

Love those little cards - you can tell they are old as according to my French friends souliers is a word rarely used these days and they are now referred to as hausseeurs.

BusyLizzie said...

Hi Rebecca, yes - there are other sets to do with eating, sleeping, sewing, writing etc. will post those at a later date! Lizzie x

Hesta Nesta said...

The cards look fascinating. I wish we could have made it to Newark as your stand looks fabulous. It was lovely to see you both at the Jumble and we are so pleased with Tristan and the marriage stand. See you in Totnes.
Jo xx

ted and bunny said...

I would've found those cards useful when I bought stuff in France- my haggling paraphanalia consisted of a notebook, pencil, figures being written/crossed-out and re-written and passed to-and-fro, some fluttering of eyelashes and a VERY big smile!
(at least I didn't shout!)

Glad Newark was good.
Cheque in post for Rag Market

Bluebell said...

Hi Lizzie, Tony and I looked out for you at Newark but we did'nt find you. We came on Friday it was a beautiful sunny day and by the end of it my feet were dead. Thats the first time we have done Newark it was Huge.We are hoping to get to Ardingly in September will you be there. Love the cards,

Liz said...

Very nice - as you say, the illustrations are so pretty.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

veronica said...

Much more fun than Mrs. Bun the Baker's Wife etc.!!

nilly said...

We saw your delightful tent full of textiles on Thursday at Newark - lovely things ! - and were thrilled to find you have a blog too. We look forward to following all your ramblings.

BusyLizzie said...

Yes, I agree Veronica. Great fun & educational too (smile) Lizzie x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Love love love these cards Lizzie.
The graphics are super and speak so loudly of another era. I am afraid my French is still confined to sign language and stuttered words.. but it is amazing how much one remembers when one needs to.
Vive la France.
Michele x