The Washerwoman

The Washerwoman

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Vintage Bazaar in Frome, Saturday 1st April

The next Vintage Bazaar is Saturday 1st April at The Cheese and Grain, The Market Yard, Frome BA11 1BE. Check out the blog for a list of the stallholders. Here

 Expect to find Haberdashery, quirky stuff, gardenalia.....

Rustic ceramics.....

 Costume.... hats...accessories....

 Textiles and much more.....

The fair is open from 9 am to 3 pm. Admission £2 for adults. Sorry, no dogs allowed in the hall.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dolls, toys, Nursery and doll house and miniature collectors items for sale...

Having a bit of a clear-out here! All these items are for sale, so please email me if interested in buying. Prices shown, plus postage.

  Woven fabric, suitable for dolls house carpet (as seen above). Measures 45 x 22 cms. This is old fabric, so does have some fraying/wear to the edges £6. I have another one available of a similar size.

 Larger scale dolls house wooden table - height 9.5 cms £10

Small Huntley and Palmers tin. Measures 5 1/2 cms across £15

 Doll size/large scale set of nursery napkins etc £20 the set

 Cross stitch fabric suitable for dolls house carpet, measures 33 x 23 cms approx (inc fringing) £6

 1960's Dol toi metal pans, two cups, a saucer and plate £7 - sold

 Old china and bisque doll heads £8.50 each - sold

  1960's dolls house food etc £5 the lot

Set of painted wooden drums, tallest is 6.5 cms £5 for the 3

Pair of old brass candlesticks,  just under 3 cms in height £8 the pair

  Little painted toys houses - tallest is just under 4 cms. £15 for the 3 - sold

 Metal dolls house telephone £20 -  sold

  Little Bisque lady, just under 4 cms high £10

 Early 20th century cupboard - total height 13 cms £20 - reserved

Early 20th century cupboard - total height just over 11 cms £20

  Homemade fireplace, height just over 11 cms £16

Little bisque lady - just under 5 cms high £10

 1970's miniature "Punch" (only one page) distributed by Dol toi for dolls houses - size 2.5 x 3 cm (closed) £1.50 each

 Early 20th century painted metal jug - just under 4 cms high (damage as shown above) £5

 1960's radio and clock. radio just under 3 cms high £10 the pair

 1930's small scale Dinky Toys dolls house metal table. Length 6.5 cms £5 - sold

  Set of 1960's wooden dolls house furniture £35

 latex/rubber doll. height just under 6 cms £4

  Painted wooden fireplace, probably 1950's. Height 7 cms £8

1920's/1930's celluloid dolls and furniture - table leg is wonky and there are a few dents compatible with the age of these items. £25 for the set. Height of figures approx 5 cms

  Small dolls house ceramic bath, length 8.5 cms £4.50

 1960's small coathanger, length 28 cms £5 - reserved

Painted wooden Dol toi dolls house kitchen sink, with opening doors. height just over 6 cms £5 - sold

19th century American Stevens and Brown cast metal dolls house chair (overpainted) Height to back of chair 9.5 cms £18

 Small decoupage cut-out figures, height  approx 8 cms £4 for 8 - reserved

 1950's doll - original costume - height 26 cms £15

1960's dolls house food -puddings are plastic and the ham is painted plaster (length of ham on plate 3.5 cms) £9 for the 3

Small dolls house vintage Xmas tree, height 9 cms £5

Late 19th/early 20th century brass fender for the dolls house. Length 12 cms, height just under 3 cms (1 inch). Depth 4 cms £10 plus postage

 soft silk velvet old handmade dolls house chair - height to back of the chair 5 cms £4

 Large scale dolls house roll-top desk. Early 20th century. Height from base to the top 11.5 cms £10

 Folding dolls house deck chair £10 - height approx 9 cms

Lion and tiger £5 the pair - worn condition

 1930's painted tin piano - missing it's paper keyboard £5 - height 5 cms

  Metal on plaster French Religious figure 4.5 cms high £10

Small scale (approx 1 /24th) painted tin bedroom set - 1930s.  £20 - condition worn. but very charming - sold

Early 20th Century ceramic jug £8 - height just under 3 cms

Early 20th century miniature Wedgwood style mug £5 - reserved

 Metal fireplace and hearth £15 - reserved

 Romside tin chimney parts £3

 Early plastic bird - height just under 5 cms £5

Metal hook with lion head decoration - just over 3 cms in height - £8

Metal hook with cherub/angel detail - height approx 4 cms £8

 Larger scale wooden clock £10 - height 15 cms

 Painted wood kitchen corner unit £4

 1960s Triang Spot on Organ - plastic with lift-up mechanism - sadly missing paper keyboard £10 - reserved

  Painted wood fridge £5

 Metal and plastic bath £4.50

 1930s overpainted metal Art Deco furniture £10 set

 Kitchen cupboard with formica top £4.50

 Art Deco painted metal fireplace £20 - height 7 cms

Painted metal fire and grate, probably 1950s £10 - reserved

Wooden 1960s cooker £12

 Dol toi TV £4 - reserved

 Please message me on if interested.