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Sunday, 14 February 2010

On the Piste....again

Once a year I get on the layers for a jolly jaunt in the mountains.....

This year the destination was the Italian Alps. I had not been to Italy since the fated school ski trip in 1974 (where my poor brother broke his leg)

we were stunned by the stark beauty and empty (and I mean empty) slopes.
We named this one the Christmas Cake run as the trees just looked like they had been plonked into the snow as if they were cake decorations.
We stopped here for lunch most days, the guys who ran it were lovely and friendly. we broke the ice (as it were) on the first day when we watched three of them trying to wrestle a hot dog into a bread roll..... it had us all in hysterics and the laughter was contagious to say the least!

This was a quirky gutter pipe on the restaurant - it reminded me of something created by
 Firmin and Postgate....
One evening was spent at a tasting evening at the local butchers. It was very entertaining, and we sampled some delicious Italian food ....(sorry Si, I know you cannot look at Salami after being in an Italian hospital for a week!)

and drink.......................

Who lives in a house like this? I wish I did! Place on the edge of a gentle blue run......... with breathtaking views.

and then of course we had ski school every day! We met some great people, and had a lot of laughs. There were falls.... shrieks....swearing & sick. If you guys read this I won't say who did what!


Clare said...

the photos make it look like a fairytale glad you had a great time.

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Lizzie
When you said that you had been on holiday, I thought you meant a PROPER holiday - KIT OFF type!
Only joking, Tom loves skiing and says I would but I'm a Leo and need my warmth and sunshine!
I think you deserved the break!

BusyLizzie said...

thanks girls! It was a "proper holiday" as we were cooked for and the internet broke in the hotel... say no more!
Liz x

bellaboo said...

Never been skiing,but it looks like a great holiday!I Remember a programme on the BBC way back, about people learning to was the funniest thing ever!

Bellaboo :)

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

There are some that do ... and some that don't. I'm the latter but am quite happy to look at everyone else's photos and oooh and ah in the right places!!!!! Love the look of the Christmas cake run!!!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Lizzie
It looks and sounds as though you had a wonderful time and a well deserved break too!
I love the snowy landscape and blue skies - how splendid!
Have a super week,
Denise x

Donna said...

Sounds lovely, looks lovely and I'm glad you had a lovely time :-)

My Realitty said...

Just reading your post was like getting a vacation. So clean and cold. Thanks for sharing... and I didn't even have to fall down. CM

BusyLizzie said...

Thanks for your comments, it was fab.. great skiing on those empty slopes & a lot of laughs with some very funny people!