The Washerwoman

The Washerwoman

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dolls, toys, Nursery and doll house and miniature collectors items for sale...

Having a bit of a clear-out here! All these items are for sale, so please email me if interested in buying. Prices shown, plus postage.

  1950s/1960s German wooden dolls house trolley. Height 5.5. cms - one wheel has been replaced £12

Metal and plastic dolls house washing machine, circa 1950s/1960s. Height 7 cms. £ 18

Early 20th century soft metal candelabra - height just under 7.5 cms £25

  Dark haired 19th century china doll head. Height 2.5 cms £10

Blond 19th century bisque doll head. Height approx 2.5 cms £10

  1960s painted wooden dresser - height 10 cms £8.50

  Lovely old china jug with bouquet of flowers - height approx 5.5. cms £10

  Early 20th century metal fireplace - height 10 cms £24

  Late 19th/early 20th century metal dolls house bed - length 11 cms £28

British Made Taylor and Barrett vacuum cleaner - length/height approx 10 cms £16

 Pair of vintage dolls house deckchairs - height approx 5.5 cms £28 the pair

 Ceramic sink - height 5 cms £8.50

 Late 19th century bamboo chair - height 10. 5 cms £15

  Early 20th small scale metal table - height 3.5 cms £24

 Late 19th century steamed wood table and 2 chairs, with fabric seats and table top - height to back of chair approx 10 cms £30 for the 3

 Old ceramic jug - height 3 cms £8.50

  1960s Dol toi wooden bookcase and "books" £18 - reserved

 1930s Fairylite painted metal bathroom sink - height just over 6 cms to the top of the splash-back £12

 Old metal dolls house watering can. Height 4.5 cms from base to the top of the handle. £22

1960's dolls house  plaster fireplace. Height 7 cms. width just under 9 cms. £18

  dolls house painted metal telephone £22

  Old trunk/money box, suitable to use in large scale dolls house. Height 5 cms. Scuffed and worn, but charming £15

 1950's/1960's painted wooden fireplace. Height just under 7 cms. £8.50

  Pair of old metal candlesticks. Height (excluding candles 2.5 cms) £8.50 the pair

Chinese style vase. Height 3.5 cms £6

False teeth in a glass, toothpaste and toothbrush. Height of glass 1.5 cms £4.50

  Tiny - doll size thimble - 1 cm high £8

Heavy cast metal bath, possibly a sample, but suitable for a dolls house.
 Length 13.5 cms. Height approx 5 cms £25

base of bath - with writing

 shabby, but charming old doll. Height 14.5 cms £5

1960's metal and plastic dolls house cooker. Height  7.5 cms £8.50

 1930's Tootsie Toy painted metal sink. height 4.5 cms £12

 Larger scale dolls house wooden table - height 9.5 cms £10

 Doll size/large scale set of nursery napkins etc £20 the set

Set of painted wooden drums, tallest is 6.5 cms £5 for the 3

 Little Bisque lady, just under 4 cms high £10 

Homemade fireplace, height just over 11 cms £16

Little bisque lady - just under 5 cms high £10

 1970's miniature "Punch" (only one page) distributed by Dol toi for dolls houses - size 2.5 x 3 cm (closed) £1.50 each

 Early 20th century painted metal jug - just under 4 cms high (damage as shown above) £5

  Set of 1960's wooden dolls house furniture £35

 latex/rubber doll. height just under 6 cms £4

1920's/1930's celluloid dolls and furniture - table leg is wonky and there are a few dents compatible with the age of these items. £25 for the set. Height of figures approx 5 cms

  Small dolls house ceramic bath, length 8.5 cms £4.50

19th century American Stevens and Brown cast metal dolls house chair (overpainted) Height to back of chair 9.5 cms £18

1960's dolls house food -puddings are plastic and the ham is painted plaster (length of ham on plate 3.5 cms) £9 for the 3

Late 19th/early 20th century brass fender for the dolls house. Length 12 cms, height just under 3 cms (1 inch). Depth 4 cms £10 plus postage

 soft silk velvet old handmade dolls house chair - height to back of the chair 5 cms £4

  Metal on plaster French Religious figure 4.5 cms high £10

 Early plastic bird - height just under 5 cms £5

Metal hook with lion head decoration - just over 3 cms in height - £8

Metal hook with cherub/angel detail - height approx 4 cms £8

 Painted wood kitchen corner unit £4

 1960s Triang Spot on Organ and stool- plastic with lift-up mechanism - sadly missing paper keyboard £10

  Painted wood fridge £5

 Triang Spot-on Metal and plastic bath £4.50

  1930s painted metal sideboard - non-opening, height 5 cms £4.50

 Dinky Toys small scale metal table, would have been painted green, now "industrial metal look". Height 3 cms £5

  Dinky Toys small scale metal sink - some wear to the back, see image below. Height 4 cms £5

  Length of old petit point embroidery, suitable for dolls house projects. Detail below as some colour bleed in places. length 65 cms, width 19.5 cms £12 - reserved

 1930s overpainted metal Art Deco furniture £10 set

 Art Deco painted metal fireplace £20 - height 7 cms

 Please message me on if interested. Many Thanks, Lizzie

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